What is Itgrix

Asterisk-connector Itgrix (free)

Connector Itgrix allows you to level up your sales infrastructure - integrate Bitrix24 CRM with Asterisk telephony.

📞 Sales growth is not possible if telephony is not associated with CRM. Therefore, companies that use Asterisk for sales will definitely look for ways to integrate with CRM. And our Itgrix product does an excellent job of this.

📲 From the integration using the Itgrix connector, you can get not only the basic functionality, but also implement individual logic of working with calls.

🚀Itgrix goals :

Saves complete and objective call history to prevent missing customers and improve the quality of telephone sales.

Saves time managers when performing routine tasks.

Maintains the reliability and advantages of Asterisk telephony (its performance does not depend on Bitrix24).

👀 Look how it works!

  • One-click client calls (click-to-call). Click on the client number in the CRM, your phone will receive an incoming call, pick up the phone and wait for the connection with the client.

  • All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded in CRM.

  • Pop-up call window in Bitrix24 for all employees who received the call. Your manager will see which Contact is calling and Deals connected to it. He can open the Contact details or the Deal details in one click.

  • The Sales manager can find his last calls among the Bitrix24 chat rooms and call the client in one click, or find them on the page “Calls details” in Telephony Bitrix24.

  • Call recording is attached to the client card immediately upon the end of call. Recording usage examples: - The Sales manager can restore the agreement with the client; - The Head of sales can check and improve the sales script; - He also can resolve a dispute by listening to the recording.

  • 📈A variety of call statistics tools in Bitrix24 are available. The Head of Sales can see call statistics using Bitrix24 reports and graphs.

Technical features

  • Asterisk 1.8 and above, pure Asterisk / FreePBX / Issabel / Elastix (if other PBX system please consult our tech support).

  • The server application can be installed either on the server with Asterisk or on the self-hosted Bitrix24 server, or on a third-party server that is suitable for technical requirements.

  • Telephony (your PBX) works independently of Bitrix24, managers receive calls on their phones or softphones even if Bitrix24 does not work. Later you can download calls for any period (Itgrix will process them in Bitrix24: register, save in history, create Leads/Contacts, etc.).

  • Supported on any Bitrix24 commercial plan, including the self-hosted (You only need an active license)!

  • Supports automatic calls and callbacks from the site.

  • Supports Follow me, Devices&Users modes in PBX.

  • Integration via Bitrix24 REST API, without VoIP traffic.

Limitations of the free version (enough for a small company and for testing large integrations):

  • 2 users;

  • 1 trunk (external number) and 1 call source.

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