What is Itgrix

This is an app for working with calls directly from your Bitrix24
Itgrix is a reliable tool for integration of your Bitrix24 corporate portal and IP-telephony Asterisk for effective work with calls.

Our module advantages

Integration with Bitrix24
(and soon with another CRM)
Integration with any modern Asterisk (from 1.8 version)
Actual functions
Regular updates
User-friendly configuration interface
Extensive resources for personal customizations for your tasks
Powerful technical support
Affordable price and discounts for a licence lasting from 6 months
Free trial period of the full functionality integration module up to 14 days

Technical features

  • The ability to install on any server that meets the system requirements;
  • Suitable for installation: pure Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix or Issabel;
  • Additional software is not required;
  • All the configured functions of your telephony will be kept (distribution and groups of incoming calls, call queues, and much more);
  • Choosing storage location for conversation records – inside Bitrix24 or on your server;
  • The setup doesn't require programming skills;
  • Supported on any Bitrix24 commercial plan, including the self-hosted.

Look how it works!

After installing the Itgrix module and configuring integration, your CRM is enriched with additional functionality.

Important features available after integration

1. Lead creation
2. Info about calls
3. Click-to-call
4. Auto call distribution
5. End-to-end analytics

Automatic lead creation

Contacts are instantly added to the CRM:
  • A contact is created for an unknown phone number;
  • The responsible person is identified and fixed in the CRM (by default, the responding employee);
  • Bitrix24 also specifies the source and type of request.
Inbound call -> Lead created

Full information about calls in your CRM

All conditions have been created to avoid losing a single client:
  • Call history is generated for each client;
  • Recordings of conversations that can be played and downloaded;
  • Call duration is displayed;
  • All missed calls are fixed;
  • Automatic creation of an activity for the employee responsible for the missed calls from known numbers.

One-click client calls (click-to-call)

One-click call directly in the interface or call by dialling the number in the built-in interface - pick up the phone and wait for the connection with the client.
Pop-up call card, that stays in place during a conversation, with main information about the client, comment to ongoing call, creating a deal and invoice, as well as switching to the client's card.

Automatic connection to the responsible person

Each customer's call is directed to the responsible person - without a secretary and a voice menu:
  • The responsible person is fixed in the client's card;
  • All recurring calls from the client are forwarded to the responsible person assigned by the system;
  • Each call’s card display the person who answered it.

End-to-end analytics

Fixing traffic sources and the type of request (call, email, chat) in the lead card.
Ability to generate reports on lead sources, advertising ROI and channels performance.

Additional functionality

Open customization options and detailed documentation for administrators.

Modify the functionality for the specific needs of your business:

By yourself
By our specialists
  1. 1.
    Turn on the customizer in the Itgrix interface;
  2. 3.
    Choose the necessary add-ons and set up customization.
We've prepared instructions for you to set up some useful customizations.
Any doubt about your own technical skills? Order the necessary modification from us.

Price list of the Itgrix Asterisk-integration module

Free connector for Bitrix24
Connector for Bitrix24 with full functionality
Please pay attention: only limited functionality of the module for 2 users is available for free. But: as a bonus, after installing the free Itgrix integration module, you are given the opportunity to test the full functionality for 14 days.

The difference between the free version of Itgrix and the paid one

The free version of the module has limitations on the number of portal users, as well as on functionality, and is suitable for a small company or for a test before large-scale implementation.
Available number of users to work with the free tool:
  • 2 users.
Functionality limits of the free version:
  • only 1 call source;
  • it is impossible to disable the automatically creation of a lead / contact for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • call recording files are uploaded to CRM without the ability to attach records by links;
  • only basic customizations of phone numbers are available.
To remove the limits, switch to full Itgrix mode. To achieve this goal, you need to purchase a licence for the module by contacting Itgrix specialists.
14 days free trial period As a bonus, after installing the free Itgrix integration module, you are given the opportunity to test the full functionality.
The minimum licence period for purchasing is 3 months. The longer the validity period of the purchased licence, the more profitable it is.
Licence validity period
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years
Full price
Price per month
(including discount)
Please pay attention: the module supposes a one-time payment for the entire period of the chosen licence.

Where to find the Itgrix integration module


Free Asterisk-connector Itgrix

Directly in your
corporate portal

Go to the "Applications" section and enter "Itgrix" in the search bar.

🚀How to start using Itgrix?

Follow the simple instructions to install the module and perform basic integration configuration.
By yourself
By our spesialists
Before starting the installation please check your source data for compliance with the minimum system requirements.
Itgrix module is installed in 3 stages given below:
  1. 1.
    Installing the Itgrix app inside your Bitrix24 portal;
  2. 2.
    Installing the module on the server where your Asterisk-telephony is located;
  3. 3.
    Configuring integration using the app interface.
You should follow our step-by-step instruction for quick and correct self configuration of the Itgrix module:
After completing the configuration, we recommend that you test the integration using test cases.
Additionally, it is possible to order the configuration of Asterisk integration with your CRM by Itgrix specialists.
The price of the service is $99.
2 extra weeks of using the module as a gift!
Distant configuring by specialists from Itgrix To achieve this goal, we will need:
  • Access with administrative rights to the the server where your Asterisk-telephony is located and your Bitrix24 portal OR Distance access to the user's desktop with similar rights;
  • Your help to get into contact with your specialist
    • who is competent to answer questions about the business logic and
    • who has the ability to make outgoing calls and answer incoming calls from the telephony that is being integrated.

The software developer

Developer of the Asterisk-integration module Itgrix – «Itgro» company ("Razumnye resheniya" LLC).
Since 2010 we develop various web projects in Russian and English (sites based on 1C-Bitrix, complex web services, mobile applications, etc.), and since 2015 we implement and modify Bitrix24, install and configure Asterisk, integrate Bitrix24 corporate portals with 1C, Asterisk-telephony and other systems to optimize business operations and provide customer convenience.


Web development company «Itgro» is a Bitrix24 gold partner, awarded with certificates of the BitrixAwards (in 2019) for the 5th place in the category "The best Apps24 author", as well as for the 1st place in the category "Sales Leader" of the cloud version of Bitrix24 in the Ural region of Russia.
Our official website:
Official website of our module:

Itgrix in figures

years of software development experience
place in the category "The best Apps24 author"
customer satisfaction index
generation of the app
countries that already use our connector
languages of the connector and technical support (English and Russian)

The geography of our clients

We work with clients all over the world. Our integration module is already used in countries such as: Russia, USA, Hungary, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Vietnam, India, Costa Rica, Ecuador, etc.
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