Offline update

Systems without Internet access can't update Itgrix module using /opt/itgrix_<crm>/ script. Use offline update procedure instead:

  1. Download the update file onto a PC with Internet access.

  2. Transfer the downloaded update file to the server where you have the Itgrix module installed.

  3. Run the update.

Download update file

Via online interface

At you can get the module updates through the online interface.

Select appropriate options and click "Download updates". The update file will be downloaded onto your computer.

Using terminal

The update file can can be downloaded by making a request to with the following options:

  • crm - short name of your CRM:

    • bx for itgrix_bx (Bitrix24);

    • amo for itgrix_amo (Kommo, former amoCRM);

  • arch - short name of the processor architecture:

    • i386 for 32-bit processors based on the architecture x86 (including i586, i686 and others);

    • amd64 for 64-bit processors based on the architecture x86-64 (also known as x64, Intel 64, AMD64 and others);

  • version_from - the currently installed version, e.g. 3.5.0;

  • version_to - target version, not mandatory: if not specified, the current latest version will be used; you may need to specify it if you upgrade to a supported, but not the latest version:

The file size depends on the number of milestones needed to upgrade from version_from to version_to.

Archives with these intermediate versions will be included in the update file (but NOT all intermediate versions will be added, but only those necessary for a correct update).


Module itgrix_bx (Bitrix24) has version 3.5.0 installed on 64-bit server, need to update to current latest version. Download the update, for example, using curl:

curl -OJL ""

If you need to get an update only to version 3.5.3, then specify the parameter


curl -OJL ""

Installing the update

After downloading the update file, you need to transfer it to the server where you have Itgrix module installed.

The update file is a self-extracting archive in the form of a shell script.


All you need to do to install the update is run the file as root or with sudo:

sudo bash <path>/

The update process is similar to online update (via script /opt/itgrix_<crm>/, but does not require downloading intermediate versions and other information - everything you need is already contained in a self-extracting archive.

Update completed.

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