Reliable softphones for Asterisk

Installation of PhonerLite, LINPHONE and Zoiper

PhonerLite installation

To configure a SIP device, 3 specific values are needed from the Natterbox platform - Device Number, Device Domain and Device Password.

Every SIP client must have a unique SIP address. You must not configure multiple clients with the same values.

The values for a device look similar to the values in the following table. Enter them in the fields below - the walk-through will adjust for your specific values.



Device Number

Device Domain

Device Password

If you have entered values above, the values below will update with the correct settings that you need to enter.

  • Within PhonerLite, click on the Configuration tab (if the tab is not visible, it can be accessed via Options|Configuration).

Click New.

This opens the Setup Wizard pop-up. Select Manual Configuration.

Click the green arrow to progress to the next screen.

  • Click the green arrow to progress to the next screen. Here, the profile can be renamed as desired.

  • Click the green tick to finish the softphone configuration. If the configuration has worked successfully, there will be confirmation at the bottom of the softphone screen:

LINPHONE installation

Your login/password are coming from MY ACCOUNT portal > Personal details > Devices:

Once the application is installed click on "Use a SIP Account" button:

Enter Credentials in account configuration menu:

  • You must define next details:

  • SIP Domain:

  • Username: match Username from your account (10023 in case of example)

  • Display name: match Username from your account (10023 in case of example)

  • Password: match device's password from your account.

  • Transport: Leave UDP for desktop, select TCP if you are using on your mobile or via mobile connection

  • Click "USE"

  • Select created account on top left

  • Make a free 09002 test call

Zoiper installation

After the download prompt appears, save the file and wait for it download successfully.

Next go to your downloads directory and find the Zoiper installer, then execute it.

A verification prompt will appear, click "Yes".

The Zoiper installer will start, click "Next" on the first screen of the Setup wizard.

Read the licence agreement and click "Next" after accepting the agreement.

Select which components to be included.

Select the version you would want to install.

Select an installation directory (Best to keep the default one).

Choose a start menu folder.

Select which users should be able to use the new Zoiper installation.

The setup is now ready to begin the installation. Click "Next" to continue.

Wait while the Zoiper installation finishes.

The install wizard will inform you for the Zoiper Biz Plugins which should be already installed.

The installation is complete. Click "Finish" to launch Zoiper.

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