Changelog Itgrix_kommo


Version (new features)
Latest release (patch)
2.13.12 - 22.11.2023
Versions are denoted with three numbers X.Y.Z:
  • X - major version, big changes that may break compatibility
  • Y - minor version, new features and improvements
  • Z - patch, bug fixes
Last 3 minor versions are being updated with patches. Latest minor version contains newest features and all applicable bug fixes. Supported versions are only getting compatible bug fixes.
To update to version X.Y.Z: /opt/itgrix_bx/ --version=X.Y.Z


Versions are sorted by release date.


  • Fixed duplicate calls when unsorted is enabled
  • Fixed extraneous entity update requests after creating an unsorted (was observed since version 2.13.0)


Admin Panel:
  • Fixed error when saving settings on first launch
  • Updated status text when there are no recent call records in the CDR table
  • Fixed a rare freeze when disconnecting from AMI (was observed since version 2.13.0)
  • Improved error handling for AMI connection errors
  • Added support for reading from CEL "extra" column with NULL values
  • Fixed a crash when receiving non-standard custom fields structure for entities
  • Fixed a rare case of C2C client restarting in a loop (was observed since version 2.13.0)


Admin Panel:
  • Entity name templates settings now show default values when empty
  • Added ability to resize query field on MySQL page
  • Fixed errors when saving autoreplacements and task creation settings
  • Fixed minor layout issues on admin panel pages
  • Fixed duplicate reading of call events that are in the processing queue at the time of restart


  • Fixed error with reading responsible users from state.json (was observed since version 2.13.9)


  • Fixed admin panel crashing (was observed since version 2.13.7)
  • Fixed value of is_new field in call data for contact and deal when creating unsorted (was observed since version 2.13.0)
  • Fixed a rare issue with conversation prioritization in a call (was observed since version 2.13.0)
  • Fixed output of NULL values in on MySQL page in admin panel
  • Fixed choosing incorrect responsible for entities during call transfers (was observed since version 2.13.0)


Admin Panel:
  • Interface language is preserved between sessions
  • Fixed CRM status output in /status request
  • Fixed showing call card to users uninvolved in current call (was observed since version 2.13.0)
  • Fixed repeated processing of "conversation ended" stage during blind transfer
  • Fixed saving entity data in state.json (was observed since version 2.13.0)
  • Changed logging levels of some events


Admin Panel:
  • Fixed not displaying the deal name template field in the admin panel when repeated deals are disabled (was observed since version 2.13.4)
  • Fixed call card not showing (was observed since version 2.13.0)


Admin panel:
  • Added configuration option for entity title templates (was present in config file since version 2.13.0)
  • Fixed resetting last_id when restarting without state.json
  • Added information about CRM authentication token in /status request output
  • Fixed incorrect variable name in default lead title pattern (was observed since version 2.13.0)


  • Fixed bug in reading requests from C2C server (was observed since version 2.13.0)


  • Fixed multiple deal creation in calls with multiple conversations (was observed since version 2.13.0)
  • Fixed the value of is_new field in deals in customization data (was observed since version 2.13.0)


Admin panel:
  • Fixed the display of portal switching in the interface
  • Fixed crash when reading transactions from state.json (was observed since version 2.13.0)


  • Enhanced standardization of application logic
  • Added customization of the CORS whitelist (to manage the rights for making requests to the application from external resources, such as your website)
  • Added API /crm/request to send requests to CRM through the connector's common queue, which reduces the slowdown of additional requests from customizations
  • New customizations added: customization of creating unassembled, customization after call registration
  • Real-time monitoring of config and token files was implemented
  • Optimized application launch procedure
  • Changed log format
  • Added templates for the names of contacts, companies and deals
  • Added separate auto substitutions for trunk names, FMC numbers and C2C
  • Path parameter added to the /status request
  • Improved support for missed calls registration to FMC numbers
  • Added Originate success check by AMI event
  • Added launch flags for more detailed data cleansing
  • Added data compression of customizations when processing large calls
  • Implemented support for managed unanswered transfers between employees
Admin panel
  • Added automatic sorting of the b/w list
  • Added display of unsaved changes presence
  • Added autoformatting of the portal address
  • Added error displaying license price loading
  • Markup of log tables was updated
  • Added error output on pressing inactive buttons
  • Fixed an error of incorrect positioning of the chat button
  • Help on customizations was updated
  • Smooth application stopping procedure implemented
  • Centralized synchronous storage of call data was implemented
  • Fixed problem with re-reading calls/hanging state.json
  • Fixed incorrect attachment of record links in some cases (separated logic for trimming phone numbers)
  • Fixed hanging on AMI reconnection after connection break
  • Fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused the wrong end time
  • During C2C the number to is updated by customization results
  • Added verification of remote Asterisk version via AMI
  • Fixed saving CEL with special characters through the admin panel
  • Fixed issue with number list generation when searching for a record file
  • Fixed rare memory leak when event processing time limit was exceeded
  • Fixed rare hiccups during multiple processing of a single call event
  • Fixed MySQL connection leaks
  • Fixed missing CallStarted call processing step on some C2C calls
  • Fixed problem reconnecting to AMI when authorization data is changed
  • Fixed issue with reconnecting to Apix when changing a portal
  • The way to send tags to CRM has been changed to a more universal way
  • Fixed rare issues with prefixes
  • Added time zone accounting in CEL time stamps
  • Application status text is always displayed in /status in Title Case
  • Fixed delay in clearing user cache when changing the portal
  • Full call_full data along with legacy data is transferred to the customizer for backward compatibility
  • Requests to CRM through the module are added and activated in the customizer
  • In the auto assignment, a trunk is processed and all request data and full entity data are sent to the customizer
  • The /status of the customizer shows false in all methods if the customizer is disabled
  • In the need_registration and number customization we added the step and the call data
  • Removed duplicate number customizations, now they are executed when a number appears on CallStarted or ConversationRequested
  • Added customization after call registration
  • Added unassembled customization
  • Added possibility to cancel requests in CRM customizations
  • Combined output is used when performing customizations
  • Updated the format of customizer logs
  • Customizer prioritizes new call data
  • Standard customizations were updated
  • New options added to call recording path customization to eliminate path duplication
  • When an update error occurs, the absolute path to update.log is displayed
  • Fixed supervisor version output in API