Changelog Itgrix_bx




  • If a call had no callee number when it started, callee number will be read when call is answered, even for internal numbers

  • More data added to reports for tech support




  • Extended support for call statuses in Bitrix24: in addition to Success and Unanswered, we now support statuses Busy, Declined, Temporarily unavailable, Not found and Unknown error

  • Added option to send call notifications to Bitrix24 chat (before they were always sent and now it's possible to disable them in admin panel)

Admin panel:

  • License switches without refreshing page when it updates via button in admin panel or when statuses are requested on main page

  • Application type in admin panel switches correctly without refreshing page when a new token is received

  • Moving to token page without reloading admin panel

  • When the application is updated on server, admin panel reloads

  • Added links to applications in Bitrix24 to the token page

  • Fixed loading changes in statuses on the initial setup results page

  • Fixed headers in the initial setup results page


  • Fixed incomplete stop when the authorized user is not administrator on the portal

  • Management of external lines is synchronized with the management of trunks: creation/deletion of a trunk causes same action to the corresponding external line

  • Fixed error when saving DB port during initial setup

  • Fixed a bug when checking DB settings after a previous successful check (present since 3.4.0)

  • Fixed rare problems preventing state.json from saving

  • Fixed a bug causing a call picked up with *8 to register for wrong number


  • Added function to start a business process

  • Added functions for working with call recordings

  • Client's number customization is applied when creating and closing tasks

System requirements update: CEL field "extra" is now required

The extra field is now required in the CEL table in Asterisk database. If it is missing or empty, the application will still run and work but:

  1. detailed call statuses will not be used (only Success and Unanswered);

  2. PICKUP events will not be processed correctly (dialing *8).

3.5.1 is a "special" version, so update needs to be done using the script with root access rather then through admin panel.


Admin panel:

  • Fixed bug in master when testing connection to Asterisk (AMI) as an existing user (present since v3.4.0, appears as an Error status)


Admin panel:

  • Fixed error when saving settings in some cases

  • Small interface fixes




  • Updates can now be installed using a button in admin panel. A new service itgrix_bx_supervisor is added to provide this function. In some cases, for example when itgrix_bx_supervisor is being updated, the old updating method will still need to be used

Admin panel:

  • Added link to telephony users list

  • Logo in the top left corner is a link to the status page

  • Partial fix for the multiple authentication request problem

  • By default, logs will be shown starting from latest records

  • Option for checking working day status will only show up in versions that support this function

  • Small interface fixes


  • Updated install, uninstall, service and backup scripts

  • Backup contents extended

  • Fixed error when registering external line if an empty trunk is present

  • Fixed handling incorrect MySQL tables

  • Requests with failed authentication are now logged

  • Fixed CDR check bug for large tables

  • Fixed MySQL page crashing on empty output



Admin panel:

  • Fixed recording uploading bug (present since v3.4.3, appears as empty requests)



Admin panel:

  • Improved formatting of statuses on main page


  • Fixed error causing timeouts of some requests to be ignored

  • Fixed error with stopping server when changing settings

  • read_call request is using local time instead of UTC, removed limit of 100 CEL records per call

  • Fixed error causing repeated processing of calls after restarting (present since v3.4.2)

  • Fixed error when registering calls with creation of a new company

  • Generation of bug reports is now time limited

  • Fixed registering followme calls with redirect to mabile phone




  • Added customizer functions for updating leads and creating deals

Admin panel:

  • Small interface fixes


  • Fixed CRM requests format

  • Optimized uploading call recordings to CRM

  • Fixed registering of calls that are unanswered on IVR (not registering since v3.4.0)

  • Optimized working day status check

  • Out of date option for C2C server address is removed from configuration file




  • Added lead creation function to customizer

Admin panel:

  • Clearer, more informative way of displaying statuses

  • CRM authentication result is now displayed in same way as statuses, possible errors are better described and include likely solutions

  • Fixed module logs page layout

  • Added check if CEL is falling behind of module


  • Fixed profile check failed: Not connected during CRM authentication (observed since v3.4.0)

  • Removed parsing of internal number from CEL field channame when cid_num is empty, due to problems when switching trunks (was added in v3.3.1)

  • Added conversation data in call registration customization



Admin panel:

  • Fixed interface errors on logs page

  • Added missing texts in English


  • Fixed bug during recording search without a number

  • Fixed bug in reading customizer settings (in 3.4.0, customizations were not enabling correctly)




  • Performance boost up to 10x achieved with simultaneous processing of multiple calls and grouping Bitrix24 requests

  • Added distinct responsible users for each trunk

  • Added option to check user's working day status before distributing incoming call

  • Added task creation parameters

  • Customizer is rewritten and now supports requests to CRM, improved logging and error handling (consult with tech support for instructions on how to switch to the new customizer)

  • Maximum length of internal numbers is now configurable

  • Lead/contact data are now available in process_final_params.php customization

  • API request /pbx/read_call now supports loading calls based on dates

Admin panel:

  • Optimized work with user choice fields

  • Statuses on main page are checked faster and have timeout

  • Fixed a bug with displaying prices for new clients on a Purchase License page

  • Small interface fixes


  • Fixed numerous potential bugs

  • Fixed hanging if error occurs during a restart

  • Fixed error during creation of a task without a lead/contact

  • Fixed customizer bugs

  • Fixed outdated fields in customizations

  • Improved logging



Admin panel:

  • Fixed hover tip windows crossing page boundaries

  • Fixed displaying customization options when customizer is disabled

  • Fixed layout of logs and MySQL pages

  • Small interface fixes


  • Marketplace subscription license now works with a separate app

  • Subsctiption license is not time-limited



Admin panel:

  • Small interface fixes


  • Fixed database access issue when gathering a report for tech support

  • Fixed entity search issue while redirecting calls to responsible users (observed since 3.3.3)

  • Fixed call recording upload bug (observed since 3.3.3)



Admin panel:

  • Added "Purchase license" page that is visible when current license is about to expire

  • Added option for manual control of Bitrix24 event handlers list

  • Fixed loading .svg files

  • Fixed saving settings during initial set-up (wasn't saving since 3.3.1)

  • Small interface fixes


  • Improved logs completeness forinfo log-level

  • New dynamic update management system (if your version is below then you will need to run updating twice to switch to the new system)

  • Requests are grouped for future performance improvement

  • Fixed authentication bug for box versions with API requests redirection

  • Updated free version limitations:

    • call recordings are always stored in CRM

    • external lines (Sales Intelligence) are disabled

    • lead source is always "Call"

    • black/white list filtering is disabled

    • initial responsible user is always the one who's talking

    • unanswered call responsible user is always the entity's responsible user

  • Flags -T and -sql exit correctly after finishing

  • Event handlers are automatically removed from CRM by a list of known hosts and then correct handlers are registered on application launch

  • When putting call on hold (park), parking slot number is not vocalized

  • Returning call from holding (unpark) now supports auto answer and all other Originate parameters

  • Originate returns "number is busy" error if the number is now talking or calling

  • Originate runs asynchronously by default, preventing delays with frequent calls

  • Fixen AMI error handling when using APIx (observed since 3.3.1)



  • Processing calls without to number as incoming calls disrupted registration of outgoing calls with transfers and Originated calls. This change has been reverted



Admin panel:

  • Small layout fixes


  • Fixed hanging after losing connection with Asterisk AMI

  • Fixed Asterisk version check

  • Calls that have from and trunk phone numbers but are missing to number will now be processed as incoming calls

  • Fixed handling files when using admin panel



Admin panel:

  • Bug-fixes in setup wizard interface

  • Bug-fixes of drop-down user lists

  • During CRM authentication in setup wizard, portal URL is saved automatically

  • Fixed inability to save settings after CRM authentication


  • If CEL event CHAN_START is missing a cid_num filed, then user's internal number will be taken from thechanname field

  • Hangup function now works not only during conversation but also while waiting for answer

  • AMI error messages are now displayed and logged

  • Network errors during license checks will cause retrying request

  • CRM connectivity errors will cause retrying requests

  • Call recording path customization now has a separate fixed timeout of 10 seconds that cannot be changed

  • Updated APIx connection settings




  • Option to complete open activities and tasks automatically after an answered call

Admin panel:

  • Fixed saving default user and allowed users

  • Fixed saving settings after authenticating in a portal (observed in 3.2.3)

  • Fixed delayed license switching after authenticating in a portal


  • Fixed hanging after AMI connection errors

  • Fixed how Black/White filter list treats missed calls

  • Small fixes in admin panel



Admin panel:

  • Pinned buttons on master results page

  • New method for checking application installation


  • Fixed hanging when trying to re-authenticate in CRM after an error

  • Updated default settings

  • Updated customization for Originate

  • Fixed log formatting

  • Added timeout when connecting to Asterisk AMI

  • Fixed Asterisk version check




  • Fixed Call Card being displayed incorrectly when the initial responsible is set to the default user

  • Fixed user search in C2C with disabled caching

  • Fixed logging for registering a conversation

  • Bug reports for tech support can be downloaded even if module fails to save the file

  • Small fixes in admin panel



Admin panel:

  • SQL-requests are now limited to non modifying only


  • Fixed http headers bug that was interfering with work of the Call Card

  • Fixed a rare crash caused by user actions in admin panel

  • Processing of C2C now utilizes users cache

  • Improved error logging for customizations




  • Added choice of initial responsible for new entities. Either a user who received the call or the default responsible user

Call processing logic:

  • For transferred calls, duration is now calculated from the first answer event to the end of call, instead of using duration of the last conversation

  • Fixed processing of transfers in outgoing calls

  • During transferred calls, newly created entities change responsible user upon start of a new conversation

Admin panel:

  • Status page now shows CRM authentication server and C2C server statuses

  • Added tail option on module logs page

  • Allowed disabling CRM user cache

  • Updated error messages

  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Prevented repeated processing of recent calls when module restarts

  • Limited minimum timeout for customizations: 100 ms

  • Removed incorrect requests crm..list

  • When changing C2C settings, handlers are removed from CRM and set up again

  • Restart on DB read errors and Asterisk AMI connectivity errors

  • Added timeout for CRM requests

  • Fixed building bug reports for additional copies of module

  • Fixed call card closing when putting a call on hold

  • Fixed holding for calls with transfers

  • Improved logging



  • Fixed APIx connectivity problem




  • Reconnecting to APIx on errors

  • Editing trunks in admin panel




  • Fixed crash caused by database connectivity problems during status check

  • Updated value of variable in Originate for automatic answer during conversion of old configs




  • Status page now shows the connected portal


  • Search for call recordings in CDR now works correctly with phone numbers that contain letters

  • Improved error handling for CRM API requests

  • Fixed authentication error NO_AUTH_FOUND that appeared on some box versions of Bitrix

  • Fixed a token conversion problem while updating from version (or older) that was causing an error token_expired during first few hours after an update

  • followme call are now registered correctly with disabled internal numbers

  • Removed outdated debug output




  • Improved logs searching when building reports for tech support

  • Authentication error fix




  • Reports for tech support are now compressed

Admin panel:

  • Updated links for updating manual and for the changelog

  • Root address now redirects to the config page


  • Token updating problem

  • Output formatting when using the -h flag

  • Loading old calls

  • Frequent licence checks




  • Added settings for https port and custom certificate

  • Building reports for the tech support

Admin panel:

  • The English version of the master has two app versions again


  • Customizer errors are now logged




  • Black/White list interface in the admin panel

  • Recordings search in CDR now utilizes prefixes

  • Added support for the follow-me feature (transfer to an employee's mobile number from their profile)

  • Extended request error logging

  • Licence check interval is set to 3 hours (free mode), or 24 hours (pro mode)

Admin panel:

  • Status page now shows the module state (working, restarting, stopped)

  • New format for customizations list


  • Callback freezing error

  • Customizer settings are now handled correctly while converting the config from old format

  • Fixed start with request errors

  • Improvements in admin panel



  • New method for creation of activities, according to the updated Bitrix API

  • Variable parameter in Originate (auto-answer by default)

  • Added a default value for the caching time

Admin panel:

  • Added a portal switching button in the Bitrix settings page

  • Date/time in logs is displayed correctly in Firefox


  • Activity customization

  • Stop on authentication error, instead of a looped restart

  • Interface improvements




  • Fixed errors in admin panel

  • Customization for the end of conversation now includes the conversation as input data

  • Fixed updating trunks

  • Added apix-client. Now the apix-server can be used as a c2c-server.




  • Making a backup of a config within the installation script

  • User selector in the admin panel now shows a drop-down list of available users

  • Added c2c-server support

  • Added --clean flag

  • Improved output of the --help flag



Improvements: 1. The caller is now responsible for outgoing unanswered calls (such calls are not considered unanswered). 2. The --clean flag now removes external lines handlers Fixed: 1. Error while generating a token through master 2. AMI error handling 3. Errors while calling customizations



Admin panel: 1. Improved logs page 2. Fixed module version check Logs: 1. Originate parameters are now logged Improvements: 1. Client number is included in tasks 2. Problem with loading records starting with "+7" is solved 3. Black/White list functionality is restored




  • Fixed a records loading error

  • Application type is now saved with the token

  • Improved log readability

  • Option for unanswered calls processing logic in admin panel

Unanswered call can now be registered following one of three scenarios: 1. With the user who received a call (suitable if clients are not bound to employees) 2. With the user who is responsible for an entity (this way a user will see that their client has called). 3. With the default user.



New tech stack.

Service is renamed from bx24asterisk to itgrix_bx. - Compatibility problems on older OSes are solved. - Problems with libraries are solved. - Call registration logic is simplified: the option "activity for every transfer" is removed. To update from v2.15, you will need to install the new connector version separately. You can migrate your config and customizations using out helper scripts. Manual updating instructions We advise you to address out tech support for assisted update.



  • Implemented OAuth authentication protocol (without login/password)