Useful commands

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Main connector files

    Configuration file less /etc/bx24asterisk/config.json
    Customization folder /opt/bx24asterisk/custom
    Current day log. Logs are stored for the last 5 days, rotation occurs around 3 o’clock in the morning. less/var/log/bx24asterisk.log

Useful Commands

OS version uname -a cat /etc/redhat-release
In some other OS cat /etc/os-release
Checking the connector version through the console /opt/bx24asterisk/bx24asterisk_core -v
Reset handlers (including c2c) /opt/bx24asterisk/bx24asterisk_core -c
Connector restart systemctl restart bx24asterisk systemctl restart bx24asterisk
Stop / start service bx24asterisk stop systemctl stop bx24asterik service bx24asterisk start systemctl start bx24asterisk
Connector's configuration interface https: //<ipasterisk>:8078/config <ipasterisk> - is the ip-address of Asterisk server. The username and password for accessing are set when the module is installed and is written in configuration file.
Connector update /opt/bx24asterisk/
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