Itgrix AsterPhone for Bitrix24

Itgrix AsterPhone application is distributed as a module (solution, local application) for 1C-Bitrix24 self-hosted portals.


  1. Go to the portal administration interface.

  2. Marketplace section - Solutions Catalog

  3. Type Asterphone in the search

  4. Install "Itgrix AsterPhone" solution (Test)


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Data for connecting to Asterisk

In the portal administration interface, go to Settings -> Module Settings, select Itgrix AsterPhone in the drop-down list, Connection Settings tab. (address: https:///bitrix/admin/settings.php?lang=en&mid=itgrix.asterphone):

User credentials

Добавление пользователей

In the portal administration interface, go to Settings -> Module Settings, select Itgrix AsterPhone in the drop-down list, User Credentials tab.

To add a new record, fill in the fields:

  1. ID_USER - User ID in 1C-Bitrix24 portal

  2. LOGIN - Internal phone number (extension) in Asterisk (configured to use WebRTC)

  3. PASSWORD - Password for internal number (secret) in Asterisk.

And click Save.

You can further edit or delete entries.

Itgrix AsterPhone User Manual

Automatic authorization

When opening the page of Itgrix portal AsterPhone is automatically authorized (if the administrator of Bitrix24 portal has added this user to AsterPhone settings).

The application icon is located in the lower right corner of the portal page. Its appearance reflects the authorization status:

(colored) - the application has successfully authorized in Asterisk.

(gray) - no extension number is configured for the user or authorization error in Asterisk.

Application panel

Clicking on the application icon displays and hides the application panel. This may be necessary when working with entities - the panel may overlap the Save/Cancel buttons.

The application panel displays:

  1. Number entry field with search by users and entities.

  2. Internal phone number with which the user is authorized in Asterisk.

  3. Settings menu (in this version only debugging functions and application version).

Incoming call

When a call comes in, an additional panel appears to control the call directly:

In the screenshot:

  1. Call direction icon (incoming/outgoing)

  2. Name of the user or CRM entity (lead, contact, company)

  3. Phone number of the user/entity

  4. Lift the handset - answer the call

  5. Hang up - reject the call

During a call (including answering an incoming call), the panel is colored green:

In the screenshot:

  1. Timer

  2. Quick transfers menu

  3. Call transfer to user - search by number

  4. Dialer (DTMF)

  5. Pause call

  6. Turn microphone on/off

  7. Hang up

  8. Indicator of connection with Asterisk server.

Connection to Asterisk server

The call panel is displayed simultaneously in all open tabs in this browser, but only one connection to the Asterisk telephony server is supported. If the connection indicator is displayed, it means that the active connection is bound to this tab.

It is important during a call: if you close the connection tab, the call will be terminated.

If you try to close the connection tab, AsterPhone will display a standard warning message.


When a call is paused, the ringing panel will turn yellow. To return the call from pause, press the Play button.

Dialer (DTMF)

During a call, tone dialing is available, including call transfer using special tone dialing commands (**number and ##number):

Call transfer

Transfer to user

A call can be transferred to a specific user by searching the Bitrix24 user base:

Here you can start a transfer with the call button or the Enter key.

Users can be searched not only by number, but also by name:

Outgoing calls

Click-to-call (c2c)

To make an outgoing call, you need to click on the phone number in the client card. The call card will open and the call will come to AsterPhone - there will be an immediate green bar and the call will go to the client immediately.

You can also click on the phone icon in each "case" of the call in the timeline and in the header of the contact itself:

Entering a number with a search to make an outgoing call

When you enter a number in the search field, AsterPhone will access the Bitrix24 database and find all users and entities (leads, contacts, companies) that have the entered number:

Name - clickable link, can be opened directly in this tab.

To call, you can select not only the user/entity, but also a specific phone number (if there are several) using the arrow keys on the keyboard, or by clicking on the number.

You can select the top option "dialing number...", then the call will start with "unknown contact".

You can start the call by pressing the key or the Enter key.

You can search not only by number, but also by name:


Failed to connect

AsterPhone will show an error pop-up window (code 1006) if it fails to connect to the telephony server.

In this case:

  1. Check that VPN is turned off in your browser.

  2. Reset cache and cookies. Reload the page.

  3. If the connection still fails, contact your telephony administrator.

Status reset

In case of errors in AsterPhone operation during the debugging and testing phase, there is a button to reset the current state.

In other tabs you will need to save data and refresh the page.

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