B24 authorization bugfix

If the Itgrix integration module is not authorized in the portal, then most likely this is due to an error in the integration method. This bug has been fixed in version 2.15.6

To make it work: you need to update and reconnect your portal. How to do it step by step is described below.

1. Update the integration module with the command: /opt/itgrix_bx/update.sh

2. Go to the page of the Bitrix24 installation wizard: http://ipasterisk:8077/config/master/bitrix

3. Enter the address of your portal.

4. Select which of the applications in the portal you are using:

  • Asterisk-connector Itgrix

5. Click on the "Get Code" button.

If you have already been authorized in the portal, you will be presented with a page with a long 20-digit code.

If you are not authorized, then you first need to authorize, and then get the code.

Enter the code in the Authorization code field and click the Check button.

Possible errors:

  1. The user under which you are logged in is not an admin on the portal (you must be an administrator in order to grant the application the necessary rights to work);

  2. The selected application is not the one installed on the portal – change the application, get the code again and click the "Repeat step" button;

  3. Paid application has expired – perhaps on this portal you are using a free application, either you need to add a licence

Upon successful connection, all statuses will be green.

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