Itgrix for Bitrix24 and Asterisk

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1. Install application at Bitrix24 Marketplace.

1.1 Install Asterisk-connector Itgrix from B24 marketplace

Install this application: If this app isn’t available in your country, please, write to support

1.2 Access permissions for application using

You should provide permissions to use application for all authorized users. Applications → Installed→ Access permissions. Then select “Other”, and select “All authorized users”.

2. Install server part.

Asterisk server is the best place to install connector according to the requirements. If it’s not possible to install connector to the Asterisk server, then you can install it on another server, that confirms technical requirements.

Install connector

  1. Open the Console (Terminal), log in to the Asterisk server:

ssh <Asterisk IP> -l root

where <Asterisk IP> is the address of the Asterisk server. Then enter the password.

2. Download the application distribution package, run the following command: wget

Run the installation with the following command: bash

3. Create a new login and password for login in the setup interface like this :

You can change this data later in the config file: /etc/itgrix_bx/config.json. (‘Webserver’ section)

After installing copy the link and paste into address bar in browser for redirecting to Setup wizard. Link looks like this: http://<Asterisk IP>:8077/config/master here <Asterisk IP> is the address of the server where the module was just installed.

If connector is not started. The connector will start automatically after installation, but use commands - to start it manually: service itgrix_bx start - to check status: service itgrix_bx status

3. Configure Asterisk-connector

We recommend doing further configuration using setup master in Bitrix24 interface: http://<Asterisk IP>:8077/config/master, where <Asterisk IP> is the address of your asterisk server. *Itgrix has the own web-server, and self writing ssl-certificate. Allow your browser to connect to this web-server. Input the login and password, which you created during app installation.

Setup master steps: 1. Database connection. The master will find DB credentials. Also, it will check availability of CEL and CDR tables.

If credentials was not found, you can get it from /etc/asterisk/res_odbc.conf or /etc/asterisk/res_odbc_additional.conf

For example: [asteriskcdrdb] username=>freepbxuser password=>mysqlsecret

You can create new MySQL-user if you want. He will have read and write permissions in CEL and CDR tables.

2. Asterisk connection. Choose an existing user or create new. The connector will be sending request to AMI using this user.

If the connector was installed on another server (not Asterisk), then create a user manually: 1. Change file /etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf [bx24] secret = asterisksecret (create your own) deny = permit = read = cdr,reporting,originate,call write = reporting,originate

2. Reload asterisk manager: asterisk -rx 'manager reload’

3. Bitrix24 connection. Copy your portal address with protocol and paste at first input field (e.g., The protocol should be https, unless you configured your portal to use http instead.

Choose the first application from the list. The other versions are only available on Russian-speaking markets.

Press the Get code button. If you weren't logged into your Bitrix24 portal yet, you will be asked to log in. After that, a new page with a long alphanumeric code will open. Copy this code and paste it into the Auth code field and then press Check.

Click Next if all steps were completed successfully.

Choose how you wish to use our Click-2-Call functionality. You can either agree to use our proxy server to send call requests from Bitrix24 to your integration module regardless of availability of direct connection, or provide an externally reachable host name and port through which Bitrix24 will access the integration module directly.

Click Save and see if everything is configured correctly.

Click Finish and you will be redirected to business logic settings page.

4. Business logic settings

To save settings press ‘Save’ button on every changed page.

Connector have 2-week trial. After it restricted mode will turn on The limitations : 2 users and 1 trunk. You can choose the responsible user and operator on this page To get unlimited users pay the licence fee, please. Contact us to receive the bill.

Configuration is completed!

4. Bitrix24 user profile configuring

Make sure that all Bitrix24 users who use telephony have their internal phone number (extension numbers) in the user profile. If the user haven’t set the extension number in Bitrix24 the connector will not find them and the call will be skipped.

Click the link List of telephony users on portal on business logic page or go to an address https://<your portal>/company/

Open a user profile to edit their internal phone number.

Important: If you use FollowMe in Asterisk (transfer of an incoming call to a cell phone), add the cell phone number to user profile too. In this way connector can find user by cell phone number.

Installation is completed! Now you can finally start using Asterisk-connector!

Use our test procedure for testing your connection.

Contact us in case you have questions. \

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