Itgrix AsterPhone for Kommo

Asterisk Phone application has been added to Kommo, which implements calls using WebRTC technology in the browser.


To install the application, just search for and install AsterPhone Itgrix by searching for "itgrix" in the Market section.


To setup the application, you need to select the category - "Installed" in the Market section and click on the card of the AsterPhone Itgrix application.

The card shows a description of the app's features, links to instructions, a block of contact information, and settings.

In the application settings it is necessary to specify the address of connection to Asterisk via WebSocket, domain and port (standard 5060 for SIP, 5160 for PJSIP).

Advanced application settings block

User Authorization block. AmoCRM account administrator needs to fill in the authorization data of all users who will use the application by entering in the form "Authorization data in Asterisk" login (usually used internal number) and password from Asterisk settings.

Authorization for users will be performed automatically.

Trial period of the license is activated automatically, for manual update you need to click on the "Update license" button, to apply the license you need to save the settings, in the status additionally there will be a reminder text.

To apply all settings, you must save them by clicking on the corresponding button.


Search for contacts/companies/users

If you are authorized, you can make calls by entering a number in the input field. If you enter a partial number or name, contacts/companies/users with a partial match will be shown. You can navigate to the desired number from the list using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Making calls

To make a call, enter a number and press the call button or the Enter key on the keyboard. A call card will be displayed with contact details (if found by number) and action buttons:

Some actions may not be available in the trial version.

Making transfers

There are 3 ways to create a call to make a transfer.

  1. During a call, by entering a number in the input field, select a contact/company/user with a partial match. After selecting a contact, press the call button or the Enter key on the keypad.

System Requirements

To work with the application you need:

  • PC with Windows, Linux or MacOS installed (mobile version is not supported yet).

  • Browser with support for WebRTC technology (current versions of common browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, support this technology).

  • Asterisk telephony server version 15 or higher, configured to use WebRTC.


The app is in beta testing, so a full 1 month license is available to you.

When the license expires, some features will no longer work:

  • parallel calls (outgoing or receiving an incoming call during an active call);

  • mute microphone, hold, call transfer, tone dialing.

To update your license, please contact us (our contacts).

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