Policy of interaction with Asterisk

When developing the product, we adhered to the principle of non-interference in the customer's Asterisk configuration.

This means that while integrating our product:

  • Dialplan does not change: all call routes remain the same.

  • Extensions or Trunks settings do not change.

  • There are no requirements for audio encoding system. ???

  • The table structure in your DBMS does not change; the Connector does not generate any new data.

This policy allows us to guarantee the operation of your PBX works according to your settings, according to the same rules and with the same quality as before our solution was installed.

The connector interacts with Asterisk:

  1. Through simple read requests to your DBMS (you can restrict access).

  2. By sending ORIGINATE-requests through AMI by the user which you created in manager.conf with parameters fixed in the application configuration file.

  3. A number of other read requests to Asterisk that do not affect calls.

  4. If you need automatic call distribution, you can change your Dialplan by yourself. Asterisk initiates requests to Connector to the responsible employee phone number (no actions can occur without your control).

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