Differences in connection to B24 via SIP-connector and Itgrix

Comparisons of Itgrix and SIP-connector we have collected in the table:

  • You can call directly from a browser with the Bitrix tab open.
  • You can call through the Bitrix24 mobile application.
  • The call comes to the user, depending on whether he started a working day or not.
  • Setting the logic of calls through the setting of telephony B24.
  • Call routing and voice traffic completely remain on the side of your PBX - reduces connection time and improves communication quality.
  • You do not need to reconfigure Asterisk, the connected IP-phones and soft-phones at workplaces will continue to work.
  • Telephony works with the closed Bitrix portal, calls and leads are created.
  • If Bitrix24 does not work, then telephony will continue to work, and after reconnecting, all calls will be downloaded to CRM.
  • Unlimited trunks and up to 100 simultaneous conversations (tested load)
  • Voice traffic passes through Voximplant cloud telephony (servers are located in the Netherlands, which affects the speed of connection and quality of communication).
  • If B24 does not work, then telephony does not work.
  • Maximum 10 trunks and only 15 simultaneous conversations (lines) The logic of the call is configured only in B24.
  • Existing telephone sets and soft-phones need to be reconnected to Bitrix cloud telephony.
  • It is impossible to make a call from a browser, but you can use a soft background - an additional program on a computer or a smart background connected to Asterisk.