Deploying a module backup

When updating the module version, a backup of the previous version is created with the user's consent, sometimes it may be necessary to roll back to the previous version.

First, you need to stop the module's service

service itgrix_bx stop 

By default backups are created in the /opt/itgrix_bx_backups/ directory as a folder with the module name, date, time and version, e.g. /opt/itgrix_bx_backups/itgrix_bx-20220829-173241-3.9.3

Inside there are two folders /opt/ /etc/ , in order to restore the module from backup you need to replace with these folders the existing folders in the directories with the module /opt/itgrix_bx/ and /etc/itgrix_bx respectively.

After replacing the files, let's set the owner and group (asterisk by default) just in case

chown -R asterisk. . /opt/itgrix_bx/

chown -R asterisk. . /etc/itgrix_bx/

Next, you need to clear the /opt/itgrix_bx/state.json file so that the module does not start re-reading calls


Start the module service, you may need to re-authorize the module on the portal

service itgrix_bx start

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