How to obtain a license offline

In case it is not possible to access from the server where the Itgrix application is installed to the licensing server, you can manually obtain a license key and then the application will not need to access the licensing server.

In this case the license will be applicable only on this portal and restricted by the hardware of your server. If you change hardware, the license key for this portal can be reissued free of charge.

To work with the license key, the system must meet the following additional requirements:

  1. A physical machine, not a virtual machine

  2. `x64' architecture

  3. Itgrix Integration Module is run from the root user.

The offline licensing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Obtain a HardwareID - a code that contains information about your hardware

  2. Pass the HardwareID to the Itgro manager

  3. After purchasing a license, you will be provided with a license key

  4. Apply the license key

How to obtain a HardwareID

The hardware information required for licensing is contained in the HardwareID code, which can be obtained from the Integration Module configuration interface on the license purchase page. A link to go to this page appears on the home page next to the license if you do not have an active license or have less than two weeks left before the license expires.

You can also immediately open the license purchase page at:

http://<Asterisk IP>:8077/config/buy_license#offline.

At the top of the page you should select the licensing option **"License Key".

Next, the HardwareID must be copied or downloaded as a file from the "Your HardwareID" field. When the page reloads, the HardwareID is generated again, but the hardware information it contains does not change, so you do not need to save the HardwareID again each time. Please send the saved file to the technical support chat or send it to the specified e-mail.

How to apply a license key

After purchasing a license, your sales manager will provide you with a license key for Itgrix, which you need to apply. To do this, on the license purchase page in the integration module configuration interface, copy the contents of the key into the "Enter license key " field and click "Apply".

Alternatively, you can instead put the license.key license key file (file name is important) in the /opt/itgrix_bx/ integration module installation directory. If you have configured multiple copies of the integration module, each copy needs a different license key with the corresponding name, for example license-1.key. Keys for the same portal can be copies or can be generated by the Itgro manager as part of a single purchase.

When applying the license in this way, the key will be used:

  • At the next automatic license check

  • When the systemctl restart itgrix_bx integration module service is restarted.

  • When you click the license check button on the main page of the integration module configuration interface

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