Updating the app

Starting with version 3.5.0, updates can be installed through the admin panel by clicking the Check button next to the current version and then Update. In some cases, this method will not be available, and then the module update is performed on the server where it is installed, and must be performed from a user account with administrator permissions.

Use the command


By default, the latest available version will be installed. The same command can be used with a specific version as an optional parameter. For example, this is how you can upgrade to version 3.6.1:

/opt/itgrix_bx/update.sh --version=3.6.1

Please note!

The script will independently determine the system architecture, download the current version and install it. After the update script is executed, the application will restart.

If you have a version lower than, you will need to run the update twice to switch to the new update system. The first run will update to the intermediate version, and the second run will update to the current version.


If your server has a limited Internet access, you can download the update file elsewhere by following the instructions in the Offline Update article and then run this file on your server.

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