How to perform offline authorization

The "Itgrix: Offline Authorization" module for Bitrix24 allows the "Itgrix: Bitrix24 and Asterisk Integration" application to use the REST API module without access to the authorization server

After installation, the module will autonomously create an authorization token with a long validity period. By copying it to the Itgrix connector files, the application is authorized in the copr.portal with closed external access.

Step 1 Download the module archive

The authorization module archive is provided by the manager at the client's request

Step 2 Place the archive in the portal folder

Place the archive in the Bitrix24 portal directory:


The full path to the archive can look like this:

/home/<user name>/<domain>/local/modules/

Unzip the archive:

`cd <portal_directory>/local/modules`
`unzip ./ && rm ./`

Step 3 Install the application

Go to the list of available solutions page at:


Verify that the "Itgrix: Autonomous Authorization (itgro.authprovider)" application is present in the list of solutions. If the solution is marked as not installed, click "Install" in the menu on the left.


Step 4 Obtain an authorization code

Before receiving the code, make sure that the Itgrix Connector application is installed on the portal. Otherwise, the code will be empty.

Go to the application page at:


Verify that the application successfully displays the settings page with the generated authorization token:

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