FMC number recognition

FMC technology allows using employees' mobile numbers as internal numbers. The only difficulty in handling calls to such numbers is recognizing them as internal numbers. In a normal call, the module understands which number belongs to the customer and which to the employee, because the employee number is short (up to 4 characters), but when calling an FMC number, neither of the numbers is a short number, trunk or Asterisk peer, both numbers look like external numbers.

Therefore, in Itgrix bx 3.6.0 and Itgrix amo 2.9.0, we are adding two new internal license plate recognition mechanisms specifically for FMC.

1. Numbers from CRM

Obviously, it would be convenient to use an existing list of numbers, preferably kept up to date by the number owners themselves. Such a list can be generated by CRM user profiles. The details depend on the specific CRM.

Numbers are checked against a full match, including prefixes.


In Bitrix24, a user profile can contain several different phone numbers, including even custom fields. The module will use all fields of type "Phone" to recognize FMC numbers.

Importantly, only the Phone, Internal, Mobile, and Work fields are used to search for a user by phone number.


Kommo does not provide access to numbers in the user profile, so the list of employee phone numbers is maintained separately in the module settings. It can be found on the Business Logic settings page in the Admin area. All numbers from the list will be used for both FMC recognition and user detection.

2. Template list

If employees are issued specially issued SIM cards to implement FMC, the numbers may look similar, e.g. 8123456XXXX with differences only in the last digits. For such cases, we have added a file /etc/itgrix_<CRM>/fmc_patterns.txt where you can list such patterns.

This file is read in real time and can be edited directly while the module is running, including automatically.

Example of the contents of the /etc/itgrix_<CRM>/fmc_patterns.txt file:


Templates are written one per line.

The first pattern in the example will work for any number that starts with "8123456" and then has four more digits at the end.

The second pattern differs in that it can start not only with "8", but also with any other prefix, such as "+7", or no prefix at all. The last pattern does not include special characters and will work only for the number "+71236540001" literally.

Rules for recognizing license plates by patterns

  1. The * symbol means any number (including zero) of any characters.

  2. The symbol ? means exactly 1 any character.

  3. All other characters, even spaces, mean literally themselves.

  4. One line of a file is one pattern, and for successful recognition the number must match the pattern from beginning to end.

The list of templates must be used carefully, because adding insufficiently specific templates can cause customer numbers to be recognized as internal.

For example, the ????? pattern will make all five-digit numbers internal, and a pattern consisting only of * will match absolutely any number.

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