Our story

The success story of the Itgrix team and our app. Our way upwards!

About the app developer

We are Itgro company (LLC «Разумные Решения») - the developers of the Itgrix application that allows you to integrate CRM systems with Asterisk IP-telephony. To date, the english app works with Bitrix24. Itgro is a gold partner of Bitrix24, in 2019, we took 1st place in the Ural region (CRM in the cloud) and 5th place in the category «Best author of Apps24».

History of the app

Itgrix history began in 2015, when Itgro created the direction of “Astrisk and CRM Integration Module”. The product was originally named Bx24asterisk, due to its purpose of integrating Asterisk and Bitrix24 CRM. The first version worked through a browser application and php scripts.

Bx24asterisk found a quick response from users not only in Russia but also in neighbouring countries. The company decided to develop and distribute the product through partners and integrators. However, soon the company faced difficulties, Bx24asterisk connected through the Chrome browser to Bitrix24, this often caused problems with its installation. The problem required a radical solution.

At the end of 2017, with the opening of the Bitrix24 API, the product received a new birth. Now it consisted of an application installed on Bitrix24 and a server application installed on an Asterisk server. It works with rather ancient versions of Asterisk 1.8 (even older than version 10), and can be installed on pure Asterisk, as well as on other modifications of FreePBX, Issabel, Elastix.

Having gained a foothold in the Russian market, according to analytic results, a clear need for our solution in other countries became visible. Itgrix became interested in the CIS countries and neighbouring countries. We were able to establish relations with foreign partners in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus. The company's experience in the CIS countries has facilitated the task of entering the next foreign market, and now Itgrix has brought the company to the international level.

Against the background of the product’s success, it was decided to rename Bx24asterisk into the more individual name Itgrix, and also create its own logo, which the company's web designers worked on.

In 2019, Itgrix began to integrate not only Bitrix24, but also amoCRM with Asterisk. Currently, the client countries of the company are Brazil, the USA, Spain, India, Germany, which occupy almost half of all installations. A large part (about 17%) is occupied by the countries of the CIS and neighbouring countries - Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. The rest is reserved for European, South American and Asian countries.

Our Itgrix product is new in the market, so we are now striving to increase its popularity through relations with partners abroad. Our goal is the expansion of geography, access to foreign markets, the growth and development of our product.

The corporate culture of the company is built on motivation, mutual support and self-development. The company's employees are an integral part of it, which contributes to the successful development of Itgrix product.

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