Changelog Itgrix_amo


    Added options for default pipeline/stage
      Default pipeline will be used for tranks that don't have a specific pipeline assigned
      Default status will be used always
Call processing logic:
    For calls unanswered on IVR, not only a contact but also a deal will be created
Admin panel:
    Added option to specify more than one internal phone number for each user
    During CRM authentication in setup wizard, portal URL is saved automatically
    Bug-fixes of drop-down user lists
    Fixed saving allowed usrs
    Fixed missing fields for allowed users
    Fixed inability to save settings after CRM authentication
    Removed unuser customization for user phone
    Fixed Call Card being displayed incorrectly when the initial responsible is set to the default user
    If CEL event CHAN_START is missing a cid_num filed, then user's internal number will be taken from thechanname field
    Hangup function now works not only during conversation but also while waiting for answer
    Network errors during license checks will cause retrying request
    CRM connectivity errors will cause retrying requests
    Call recording path customization now has a separate fixed timeout of 10 seconds that cannot be changed
    Updated APIx connection settings


    Option to complete open tasks automatically after an answered call
Admin panel:
    SQL-requests are now limited to non modifying only
    Fixed a rare crash caused by user actions in admin panel
    Improved error logging for customizations
    Updated customization for Originate
    Added timeout when connecting to Asterisk AMI
    Fixed hanging after AMI connection errors
    Fixed how Black/White filter list treats missed calls
    Bug reports for tech support can be downloaded even if module fails to save the file


    Added choice of initial responsible for new entities. Either a user who received the call or the default responsible user
Call processing logic:
    For transferred calls, duration is now calculated from the first answer event to the end of call, instead of using duration of the last conversation
    Fixed processing of transfers in outgoing calls
Admin panel:
    Enabled search when choosing the default responsible user on the business logic settings page
    Added tail option on module logs page
    Status page now shows CRM authentication server and C2C server statuses
    Updated error messages
    Small fixes and improvements
    Restart on DB read errors and Asterisk AMI connectivity errors
    Added timeout for CRM requests
    Fixed outgoing calls being registered with the default responsible user
    Prevented repeated processing of recent calls when module restarts
    Fixed building bug reports for additional copies of module
    Limited minimum timeout for customizations: 100 ms
    Fixed repeated entity search requests for unanswered calls
    Improved logging


    Reconnecting to APIx on errors
    Editing trunks in admin panel


    Status page now shows the connected portal
    Fixed crash caused by database connectivity problems during status check
    Updated value of variable in Originate for automatic answer during conversion of old configs
    Fixed registration of calls that were not answered on IVR (registering for the default user if call was made to a trunk)
    Fixed errors in admin panel
    Improved error handling for CRM API requests
    Search for call recordings in CDR now works correctly with phone numbers that contain letters


    Black/white list now works correctly


    Added black/white list configuration
    Added phone number prefixes configuration in admin panel
    Added settings for https port and custom certificate
    Status page now shows the module state (working, restarting, stopped)
    Building reports for the tech support
    Root address now redirects to the status page
    Improved error logging for CRM requests
    Added error logging for customizations
    Fixed problem with registering calls that are unanswered on IVR
    Customizer settings are now handled correctly while converting the config from old format
    Older calls are now loading correctly
    Fixed output formatting when using the -h flag


    Type of the default responsible ID in admin panel is fixed


    Originate now supports parameters "Variable" and "Codecs", by default it's configured for automatic answering
    Added support for prefixes
    Added support for the follow-me feature (transfer to an employee's mobile number from their profile)
    Extended logging for CRM requests and call processing operations
    CRM-specific default settings are fixed
    Update script is restored
    Logs are displayed correctly in admin panel
    Data of unanswered calls are corrected
    Error with C2C data format is fixed
    Asterisk will not continue working after the module stops


    Added chat
    Scripts and are removed
    Token saving problems are fixed
    Creation of multiple deals is fixed
    Parameter call_id is added to API requests in logs
    When a call is created, its duration is defined by the last conversation's duration
Last modified 7mo ago