Changelog Itgrix_amo




  • Added options for default pipeline/stage

    • Default pipeline will be used for tranks that don't have a specific pipeline assigned

    • Default status will be used always

Call processing logic:

  • For calls unanswered on IVR, not only a contact but also a deal will be created

Admin panel:

  • Added option to specify more than one internal phone number for each user

  • During CRM authentication in setup wizard, portal URL is saved automatically

  • Bug-fixes of drop-down user lists

  • Fixed saving allowed usrs

  • Fixed missing fields for allowed users

  • Fixed inability to save settings after CRM authentication


  • Removed unuser customization for user phone

  • Fixed Call Card being displayed incorrectly when the initial responsible is set to the default user

  • If CEL event CHAN_START is missing a cid_num filed, then user's internal number will be taken from thechanname field

  • Hangup function now works not only during conversation but also while waiting for answer

  • Network errors during license checks will cause retrying request

  • CRM connectivity errors will cause retrying requests

  • Call recording path customization now has a separate fixed timeout of 10 seconds that cannot be changed

  • Updated APIx connection settings




  • Option to complete open tasks automatically after an answered call

Admin panel:

  • SQL-requests are now limited to non modifying only


  • Fixed a rare crash caused by user actions in admin panel

  • Improved error logging for customizations

  • Updated customization for Originate

  • Added timeout when connecting to Asterisk AMI

  • Fixed hanging after AMI connection errors

  • Fixed how Black/White filter list treats missed calls

  • Bug reports for tech support can be downloaded even if module fails to save the file




  • Added choice of initial responsible for new entities. Either a user who received the call or the default responsible user

Call processing logic:

  • For transferred calls, duration is now calculated from the first answer event to the end of call, instead of using duration of the last conversation

  • Fixed processing of transfers in outgoing calls

Admin panel:

  • Enabled search when choosing the default responsible user on the business logic settings page

  • Added tail option on module logs page

  • Status page now shows CRM authentication server and C2C server statuses

  • Updated error messages

  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Restart on DB read errors and Asterisk AMI connectivity errors

  • Added timeout for CRM requests

  • Fixed outgoing calls being registered with the default responsible user

  • Prevented repeated processing of recent calls when module restarts

  • Fixed building bug reports for additional copies of module

  • Limited minimum timeout for customizations: 100 ms

  • Fixed repeated entity search requests for unanswered calls

  • Improved logging




  • Reconnecting to APIx on errors

  • Editing trunks in admin panel




  • Status page now shows the connected portal


  • Fixed crash caused by database connectivity problems during status check

  • Updated value of variable in Originate for automatic answer during conversion of old configs

  • Fixed registration of calls that were not answered on IVR (registering for the default user if call was made to a trunk)

  • Fixed errors in admin panel

  • Improved error handling for CRM API requests

  • Search for call recordings in CDR now works correctly with phone numbers that contain letters




  • Black/white list now works correctly




  • Added black/white list configuration

  • Added phone number prefixes configuration in admin panel

  • Added settings for https port and custom certificate

  • Status page now shows the module state (working, restarting, stopped)

  • Building reports for the tech support

  • Root address now redirects to the status page


  • Improved error logging for CRM requests

  • Added error logging for customizations

  • Fixed problem with registering calls that are unanswered on IVR

  • Customizer settings are now handled correctly while converting the config from old format

  • Older calls are now loading correctly

  • Fixed output formatting when using the -h flag




  • Type of the default responsible ID in admin panel is fixed




  • Originate now supports parameters "Variable" and "Codecs", by default it's configured for automatic answering

  • Added support for prefixes

  • Added support for the follow-me feature (transfer to an employee's mobile number from their profile)


  • Extended logging for CRM requests and call processing operations

  • CRM-specific default settings are fixed

  • Update script is restored

  • Logs are displayed correctly in admin panel

  • Data of unanswered calls are corrected

  • Error with C2C data format is fixed

  • Asterisk will not continue working after the module stops




  • Added chat

  • Scripts and are removed


  • Token saving problems are fixed

  • Creation of multiple deals is fixed

  • Parameter call_id is added to API requests in logs

  • When a call is created, its duration is defined by the last conversation's duration