Testing connector

Following these procedures, you can make sure that Itgrix connector is configured correctly and works as expected.

Outgoing/incoming call

When you receive or make a call, it will be processed according to your business logic configuration.

Call is forwarded to a responsible user

Incoming calls from existing contacts will be automatically forwarded to contact's owner.
Try to make a contact with your mobile number. You will be assigned as an owner of a contact when you create it. Call to company's phone number from your mobile phone. If your internal number is configured in your CRM account, the call should arrive to your work phone.

Call is registered for an existing entity

When you make/receive a call from an existing contact, it will be added to contact's page in CRM.

New entity is created and a call is registered

When you make or receive a call from a number that doesn't exist yet in the CRM, a contact or a lead may be created, depending on your business logic settings. The call will be listed on a page of a newly created entity.

Tasks are created for unanswered calls

If you receive a call but don't answer it, a task may be created in CRM, if enabled.
There are 3 modes for choosing which users will be assigned for tasks:
  • entity's owner (if exists) - default mode;
  • the user who got the call (if the call reached a specific user's phone);
  • the user that is set as a default user.
You can choose your preferred mode in the admin panel.

Local calls and filtered numbers are not registered

Calls between users will be ignored, so only calls from/to customers will be registered. You can also configure filtering by whitelisting or blacklisting specific internal numbers in admin panel. Customizations allow you to implement more advanced filtering based on trunks and patterns.
Try to blacklist your internal number and make a call from it. It will not be registered in CRM.
Filtering settings in Admin panel

Call card is shown

During a call, a card with with the contact's info will appear.

Call recording

Recording downloads

Registered calls will have a link that allows you to download their recordings.


Itgrix adds a functionality to start calls directly from CRM.

Call starts

Go to a contact page and press the call button. You phone will ring. When you pick up, you will be connected to the contact's phone number.
Call button next to a phone number