Setting up click-to-call features

Bitrix24 supports the click-to-call function, when a call is made by clicking on a phone number in the portal. Technically it looks like this:
  • After the user clicks on the phone in the portal, the command goes to the module;
  • The module sends the originate command to Asterisk (parameters can be adjusted in the config file and customizer);
  • Asterisk dials first to the operator. When he picks up the phone, Asterisk will send an external call to the client (how to auto-pick up the phone from the operator is described in the article).
When using IAX2 peers, the click-to-call function will not work.

Configuring click-to-call in the module admin panel

There are two options for enabling:
  1. 1.
    Open port 8077 on the router to receive external requests from Bitrix24;
  2. 2.
    Or use our click-to-call server to send requests.
For the first option:
  1. 1.
    Specify your external (!) IP address in the “Address for requests from Bitrix” field in the admin section Settings → Module (see figure) – use the url address format (indicating the http protocol);
  2. 2.
    Forward port 8077 on the router - a request from B24 will be sent to it, transmitted to the module, and the module will send a "call" command to Asterisk.
Second option
If you don't want to open the port, then you can use an external click-to-call server.
To do this, enable the option in the admin section Settings → Bitrix24 (see figure).
In order for click-to-call to work, you need to define the format of the callto links in the portal and set the Asterisk Integration application to process these links.